USAutomatic Sentry 300 S Commercial Grade Automatic Gate Opener

If you would like to make your home more secure or just add a little décor to the exterior, the USAutomatic Sentry 300 S Commercial Grade Automatic Gate Opener will prove to be a valuable asset for you.  You will be able to keep your property safe and secure while also adding a little style to it at the same time.  The overall convenience of using an automatic gate opener will just make entering and leaving your well-protected home as well as dealing with invited & uninvited guests so much easier for you.  Even if you already have a manual gate, the conversion into an automatic gate is a lot simpler to do than many people think.


Even though many consumers are highly impressed by the USAutomatic Sentry 300 S Commercial Grade Automatic Gate Opener because of its automated capabilities, that is not the only premium feature that compels homeowners to purchase this product.

Product Features


A ten-year limited warranty is offered.  If the device malfunctions, you will be able to replace it at little or no cost.  The type of damage that has been done will determine if you qualify for a free repair or device or if you will just have to pay a discounted price.

Operates gates from 0-20 feet away from the device.  This means that you will be able to use this device without being directly in front of the gate. You may also have the option of being able to operate the gate from the inside of your home, depending on how far away your home is from it.

This product comes with two separate transmitters.  Therefore, you can keep one in the car and the spare inside of your house.  If you have guests in your home for a few days, they will be able to use the second transmitter to be able to come and go from your home without having any hassles.

There is no wiring involved.  You don’t have to waste time confusing yourself trying to figure out which wire belongs where.




The price of this product is outstanding for all of the benefits that you receive.  There are several different places where this product is available, so you are not stuck with only one price option.  You can shop around a bit before you make your final decision.

Delivery is another great perk with this automatic gate opener.  Most companies that carry this particular product are prompt with delivery and everything arrives in one piece without any hassles.

The shipping options that are available are great.  You can have this item shipped to you the next day or whenever you need it.  Regardless of when you need it, it will arrive on time.

Customer service is yet another great aspect of this product.  If any issues occur, the customer service that is available with this product is outstanding.  Everything can be taken care of in a matter of minutes.





This gate opener is a little more expensive than others on the market however it is easily worth the money.


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